All the Facts on our Selection of Poly Gloves

All the Facts on our Selection of Poly Gloves

Poly gloves are a must-have for any foodservice location. These gloves are designed for use during food prep or other lighter duty tasks. Featuring a looser fit than other disposable gloves, they are easy to take off and replace, making them a great option for environments that require workers to change gloves quickly and often.

Our selection of gloves are ambidextrous, meaning each glove can be used on either hand. This helps reduce the amount of time workers spend looking through boxes trying to find glove pairs. They also come in easy dispensing boxes so users can quickly grab a new pair of gloves in a flash.

PolyCast Gloves

PolyCast gloves are made from cast polyethylene and are poly embossed. Latex-free, they are safe for use by users with latex allergies or sensitivities. They are also powder-free to help prevent the contamination of food items and surfaces in the kitchen and are USDA accepted for food applications.

Textured cast poly gloves are also available! These gloves have a textured design so users can easily grip wet or slippery objects and tools. While poly gloves are not designed for medical uses, they are an economical and convenient option for any business.

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